Apocalypse IV: Judgment
Starring :
Corbin Bernsen, Mr. T.,
Leigh Lewis, Jessica Steen,
and Nick Mancuso

As Supreme Leader of One Nation Earth, Franco Macalousso (Nick Mancuso) rules the world with an iron fist. His long-time nemesis Helen Hannah (Leigh Lewis) is charged with crimes against humanity by the World Court and Mitch Kendrick (Corbin Bernsen) is the troubled, reluctant lawyer assigned to defend her.

Prosecutor Victoria Thorne (Jessica Steen) is not only Kendrick's ex-lover, but a high-powered attorney with a ruthless ambition to condemn all Haters. She has arranged that the verdict will convict Hannah if the trial's pre-written script is closely followed by Mitch.

But as Mitch digs deeper into the evidence and begins to doubt his own beliefs, he decides there's only one way to truly uncover the truth... to put God on trial!

Within the final verdict lies the fate of the innocent, the ultimate destiny of a lost soul, and an inconceivable judgment against God Himself.

"A brilliant courtroom thriller with a spiritual twist.

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