Question of the Week: Archive

Dr. Van Impe,
A Deacon in my church said that the Bible doesn’t say
The Bible seems to indicate that angels say or proclaim, and do not sing. In Job

Did three wise men follow the star to find the newborn Jesus? I can't
Much of the Christmas tradition surrounding the wise men and the Christmas star cannot

I'm having doubts about Jesus Christ being born on December 25th.
Many scholars will agree that it is extremely unlikely that Christ was born on December

I keep hearing others say that the Christmas tree is forbidden in the Bible.
Some believe that Jeremiah 10:3-10 is referring to making or possessing a Christmas

Can I be forgiven for sins I have committed since I was first a born-again
When we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour, our sins are forgiven and washed

So many cults are springing up across our nation it seems. What defines
The definition of a “cult” varies according to who is using the word. Generally

When did Satan fall; before or after creation? Do you have Bible verses
Some people try to deny the existence of Satan. If one really believes the Bible

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