On what day did Jesus Christ die, and when was He resurrected?

Flint, MI

Jesus was taken down from the cross because it was the preparation of the Sabbath and a body could not remain on the cross on the Sabbath. Many assumed this to be Friday because Jewish Sabbath starts Friday night at 6:00.

Upon complete study of the situation in the Word of God, this use of the word "Sabbath" meant "the holy day of worship." The Passover time was to begin with a worship day. Historians tell us that that year the Passover Sabbath was on Thursday. Therefore, Jesus Christ was on the cross on Wednesday and was taken down on Wednesday. The three nights in the grave would have been Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night. The three days in the grave would have been Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sometime Saturday evening Christ arose from the dead. Although it was evening and it was the end of the Jewish Sabbath, people did not come to the grave that evening. They discovered Him alive (resurrected) early the next morning.

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