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My question is- do you think America is the Mystery Babylon that the Bible
There are a number of chapters within Godís Word that seem to picture the USA. No

Who are the Two Witnesses during the Tribulation Period?


Two powerful prophets will appear in Jerusalem during the Tribulation period,

With UFO sightings increasing, what is your opinion of what the bible says
The Bible does teach about aliens in space. Satan fell from heaven Isaiah 14:12,

I have a small dog. I love him very much. I am alone except for him and
I believe that everything on earth is a picture or pattern of things in heaven.

I don't understand. Based upon scripture in John 3; how is it possible
The verse which you are referring to is found in John 3:13 which says, "And no man

I heard someone talking about a Post-Tribulation rapture. I don't
We also disagree with the Post-Tribulation view. Post-Tribulationists Ė many who

What are the seven spirits of God mentioned in Revelation and Isaiah 11:2?
The seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the Seven Spirits of

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