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I would like to know how many Angels were cast out of Heaven with Satan?
The Bible does not give us an exact number of fallen angels.

Lucifer, Satan and

For years I have believed in a pre-tribulation rapture, as you teach so
The “Last Trump” mentioned in I Corinthians 15:52, and the seventh trumpet (judgment)

Should we as Christians be storing up food & water ahead of the coming
I believe it is wise to always be prepared for any type of disaster in America, and

Will you please explain Romans 8:26 & 27 and its application for us saints
From the passage of Scripture which relates to "groaning in the Spirit," it does

I have my concerns about the use of the micro-chip and barcode. What do

Concerning the various micro-chip devices and bar-code systems, this is not the

Is the United States mentioned in the Bible, and does it give any information

There are a number of chapters within God’s Word that seem to picture the USA.

Would you please explain why post-tribulation is not the possibility?
The falling away, or apostasy, is an aggressive and climatic revolt against God which

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