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With UFO sightings increasing, what is your opinion of what the bible says
The Bible does teach about aliens in space. Satan fell from heaven Isaiah 14:12,

I have a small dog. I love him very much. I am alone except for him and
I believe that everything on earth is a picture or pattern of things in heaven.

I don't understand. Based upon scripture in John 3; how is it possible
The verse which you are referring to is found in John 3:13 which says, "And no man

I heard someone talking about a Post-Tribulation rapture. I don't
We also disagree with the Post-Tribulation view. Post-Tribulationists – many who

What are the seven spirits of God mentioned in Revelation and Isaiah 11:2?
The seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the Seven Spirits of

I am so tired of Satan in this world. When will he be thrown into the "bottomless

This term,(Greek rendering, “pit of the abyss”) is found nine times in the New

I hear others talking about the Twenty-Four Elders that is mentioned in
Who are these twenty-four elders? Some believe they represent the twenty-four groups

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