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If all humans are going to be micro chipped is this the Mark of the Beast?
No problem. Iíll tell you why. When this world leader comes to power they only

After the Rapture takes place, will those left behind be given an opportunity
For years I preached that if the message was preached in this Dispensation and they

I would like to hear your viewpoint of the ď2012Ē theory. How does December
You remember that I already quoted Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist in history,

You likely believe that when you die, youíre going to heaven. More than
St. Augustine in his volumes on The City of God says, we are all going to be beautified

Will the Rapture occur in 2012 which is the year everyone is talking about
First of all, I never set dates so donít blame this on me, but the scientists of

Iíve been a long time admirer of your faith in God and your show. Praise
Let me say that next week Iím going to deal with all of this, so be sure to tune

The Bible says there is the New Heaven, the New Earth and the Holy City.
Marianne, when the Rapture occurs and He says come up hither, Revelation 4:1, and

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