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Iíve heard it preached that not all believers will go in the Rapture, only
All believers will go, anyone whoís trusted Jesus. Now I John 2:28 is so plain,

If you live alone and have indoor pets, and are raptured, what becomes
Good news Kay. Donít worry about it. They are going to go up with us at the Rapture

Will there be a great revival before the Rapture? I know that according
Well there are a number of things she asks here. First of all, will there be a great

If all humans are going to be micro chipped is this the Mark of the Beast?
No problem. Iíll tell you why. When this world leader comes to power they only

After the Rapture takes place, will those left behind be given an opportunity
For years I preached that if the message was preached in this Dispensation and they

I would like to hear your viewpoint of the ď2012Ē theory. How does December
You remember that I already quoted Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist in history,

You likely believe that when you die, youíre going to heaven. More than
St. Augustine in his volumes on The City of God says, we are all going to be beautified

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