Jack Van Impe Presents
United States TV Schedule listings

City Station Day Time
Fort Myers/Naples WRXY/49 WED 7:00 PM
Fort. Myers/Naples WRXY/49 SUN 7:30 AM
Gainesville WOGX/51 SUN 7:30 AM
Gainesville W69AY/69 SUN 9:00 AM
Jacksonville WUJF/33 TUE 10:00 AM
Jacksonville WUJF/33 FRI 10:00 PM
Jacksonville WJXT/4 SUN 5:00 AM
Jacksonville WJAX/47 SUN 8:00 AM
Mariana WBIF/51 TUE 10:00 AM
Mariana WBIF/51 FRI 10:00 PM
Miami-Ft Lauderdale WSFL/39 SUN 8:00 AM
Orlando WDTO/50 TUE 10:00 AM
Orlando WTGL/45 WED 9:00 PM
Orlando WDTO/50 FRI 10:00 PM
Orlando-Daytona Beach WACX/55 SUN 9:00 AM
Orlando/Daytona Beach WOCD/27 TUE 10:00 AM
Orlando/Daytona Beach WOCD/27 FRI 10:00 PM
Panama City WPGX/28 SUN 7:30 AM
Pensacola WDPM/18 TUE 9:00 AM
Pensacola WHBR/33 FRI 9:30 PM
Pensacola WDPM/18 FRI 9:00 PM
Pensacola WJTC/44 SUN 8:00 AM
Pensacola WEAR/3 SUN 12:30 AM
Tallahassee WTLH/49 SUN 8:30 AM
Tampa WSVT/18 TUE 10:00 AM
Tampa WCLF/22 WED 7:00 PM
Tampa WSVT/18 FRI 10:00 PM
Tampa WCLF/22 SAT 7:00 PM
West Palm Beach WFGC/61 TUE 10:30 PM
West Palm Beach WSLF/35 TUE 10:00 AM
West Palm Beach WSLF/35 FRI 10:00 PM
West Palm Beach WFLX/29 SUN 8:00 AM

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