Jack Van Impe Presents
United States TV Schedule listings

City Station Day Time
Cincinnati WDYC/36 TUE 10:00 AM
Cincinnati WSTR/64 FRI 6:00 AM
Cincinnati WDYC/36 FRI 10:00 PM
Cleveland WCDN/7 TUE 10:00 AM
Cleveland WCDN /7 FRI 10:00 PM
Cleveland WOIO/19 SUN 1:05 AM
Cleveland WRLM/47 SUN 8:00 PM
Cleveland WUAB/43 SUN 7:30 AM
Cleveland/Sandusky WGGN/52 SAT 10:00 PM
Columbus GTN/23 TUE 7:00 AM
Columbus WCLL/19 TUE 10:00 AM
Columbus WCLL/19 FRI 10:00 PM
Columbus WWHO/53 SUN 8:00 AM
Columbus GTN /23 SUN 8:30 AM
Dayton WKEF/22 SAT 5:00 AM
Dayton WRGT/45 SUN 11:30 PM
Lima WTLW/44 SUN 6:00 PM
Springfield WLWD/20 TUE 10:00 AM
Springfield WLWD/20 FRI 10:00 PM
Toledo WDTJ/18 TUE 10:00 AM
Toledo WDTJ/18 FRI 10:00 PM
Toledo WLMB/40 SUN 10:00 PM
Toledo WNWO/24 SUN 10:00 AM
Youngstown WYTV/33 SUN 10:00 AM
Youngstown MYTV/33.2 SUN 7:00 AM
Zanesville WHIZ/18 SUN 11:00 AM

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