Islamic State message to America: 'we will drown all of you in blood' August 19, 2014
Reuters reports: “The Islamic State militant group that has seized large pa...more

Boko Haram on course to create an Islamic state in Nigeria August 19, 2014 reports: “Boko Haram's attacks in northern Nigeria ...more

US Blacklists IS Leader as 'Global Terrorist' August 19, 2014
Israel National News reports: “The US State Department blacklisted a senior...more

Fatah Member Calls on Hamas to Disengage from Muslim Brotherhood August 19, 2014
Israel National News reports: “Senior Fatah member Jibril Rajoub recently c...more

Jihadists prep for takeover of Spain August 19, 2014 reports: “Jihadists inside Spain have begun prepping for a takeover...more

Hamas Rejects 'Final' Ceasefire…: 'Death for Allah is Our Most Exalted Wish' August 18, 2014 reports: “Hamas reportedly rejected a comprehensive, 11-claus...more

New Group in Cairo Threatens to Carry Out Terror Attacks August 18, 2014
Israel National News reports: “A video has surfaced of a new terrorist grou...more

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