Islamic State recruits female jihadis in U.S. heartland September 15, 2014
Haaretz reports: “U.S. law enforcement is investigating a new phenomenon of...more

Islamic State crisis: Hollande warns of global threat September 15, 2014
BBC News reports: “French President Francois Hollande says the global threa...more

British PM Vows Response to IS Militants after Beheading of Briton September 14, 2014
Voice of America News reports: “In an emotional statement at 10 Downing Str...more

IDF concerned of possible Hezbollah invasion of northern Israel September 14, 2014 reports: “Hezbollah may implement its plan to invade northern ...more

'Moderate' Syrian rebels sign truce with ISIS September 14, 2014 reports: “While the Obama administration works to coordinate aid to...more

Officials: US 'at War' With Islamic State Militants September 14, 2014
Voice of America News reports: “United States officials declared on Friday ...more

U.S. general Allen to head anti-jihadist coalition September 14, 2014 reports: “Retired US general John Allen, the cerebral ex-comma...more

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