Month: December 2016

100,000 Soldiers and Police on New Year’s Eve Streets of ‘State of Emergency’ France reports: “Still on the highest level of alert after a series of deadly terror attacks, France will see unprecedented numbers of security personnel on duty on New Year’s Eve. Weeks after the French government […]

London on Terror Lockdown for New Year’s Eve reports: “London will be guarded by record numbers of police and fortified with concrete barriers ahead of New Year’s Eve to repel Islamist attacks. In total, 3,800 police officers will be on duty in […]

Palestinian Jihadist: Ban Christmas Celebrations in Islamic States reports: “Abu Omar Almaqdesi, a senior Gaza-based Islamic State jihadist, said the soldiers and supporters of the Caliphate must not permit the celebration of Christmas in Islamic countries. He went on to describe the […]

Jordan army chief: ISIS in Golan have anti-aircraft missiles

Israel National News reports: “Jordanian Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mahmoud Freihat warned in an interview with BBC on Saturday that ISIS fighters have anti-aircraft missiles. In the interview, which was given in […]

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Obama’s presidency will go into the dustbin of history’

Israel National News reports: “Prominent author and Harvard Professor Emeritus of Law Alan Dershowitz sharply criticized President Barack Obama in an interview with the Israel Hayom newspaper on Friday, saying he believes ‘Obama will join […]

Abbas: 2017 will be the year of Palestinian statehood

The Times of Israel reports: “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday told Fatah party officials that 2017 would be ‘the year of the independent Palestinian state.’ At a torch-lighting ceremony marking the 52nd anniversary […]

Child Jihadists Hunt Down, Execute Bound Prisoners in New ISIS Video reports: “The Islamic State released a grisly new video today showing child jihadists hunting down bound ‘apostates’ in a live-fire training exercise. The half-hour-long production, from ISIS headquarters in Raqqa, shows child jihadists — […]

New Year’s Eve Terror Plot Foiled, Radical Islamists Arrested reports: “Three radical Islamists have been arrested in two separate counter-terrorism raids in southwestern France, one on suspicion of plotting a New Year’s Eve terror attack. The counter-terrorism raids were conducted on Monday and […]

School takes Christian kids to pray at mosque reports: “A stunning video has been discovered showing mostly Christian children in the Netherlands being taken to a local mosque and taught to participate in Islamic prayer. The London Express reported infuriated parents are […]

Putin Announces Ceasefire in Syria; U.S. and UN Not Involved reports: “Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Thursday that a ceasefire between the Syrian government and opposition forces, brokered and guaranteed by Russia and Turkey, would go into effect at midnight. Syrian state media […]

Bennett tells Kerry: Pick up your Bible and Read it

Israel National News reports: “Education Minister and Jewish Home Party head Naftali Bennett responded Wednesday to Secretary of State Kerry’s call for a ‘viable two state solution.’ Bennett said that ‘Kerry quoted me three times […]

Chief Rabbi: U.S. has forsaken Israel, we can trust only in the Lord

The Times of Israel reports: “The US has forsaken Israel, and the Jewish state can now place its trust only in God, Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said Wednesday, as Jerusalem and Washington continued […]