Month: November 2017

Flurry of activity hints at North Korea missile test reports: “Signs of unusual activity have been detected in North Korea, the South’s unification minister said Tuesday, following reports that Pyongyang may be preparing for a ballistic missile test. The North has stoked international […]

U.S., Israel blamed for mosque attack in Egypt reports: “A commentator in the Middle East already has figured who to blame for the Egyptian terror attack that killed more than 300 people in a Sinai mosque: Israel and the United States. Omar […]

Weekly Newsletter – November 27, 2017

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Why Islamic State is obsessed with targeting Muslims

The Times of Israel reports: “The Islamic State insists on slaughtering innocent worshipers, even Muslims, as they pray. The horrific massacre on Friday at a mosque in Northern Sinai was a stark reminder of this […]

From Myanmar to Zimbabwe, China’s global footprint grows reports: “China has traditionally rejected US-style interventionism, but its deepening economic involvement in volatile countries like Myanmar and Zimbabwe is thrusting Beijing towards a more assertive global role, analysts say. China’s foreign policy has […]

Russian warplanes kill 53 civilians in Syria

Israel National News reports: “Russian warplanes killed 53 civilians during an air raid in Syria on Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. The Russian air force bombed the ISIS-held village of Ash Sha’Fah […]

Russian diplomat warns ‘apocalyptic scenario’ on Korean Peninsula possible reports: “An apocalyptic scenario of developments on the Korean Peninsula is possible, but Russia hopes that a common sense would prevail among the involved parties, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said on Monday. […]

‘Ignorant infidels’ in U.S. may have to be ‘forced’ to accept Islam reports: “Radical imams from Virginia, Maryland and Texas attended a fund-raising event organized by an Islamist charity on Saturday, Nov. 18, in which they were treated to a smorgasbord of teachings from foreign-based Islamic […]

Senior Iranian official warns Europe

Israel National News reports: “The deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, warned Europe on Saturday that if it threatens Tehran, the Guards will increase the range of missiles to above 2000 […]

Islamic Jihad ‘determined’ to retaliate for tunnel explosion

Israel National News reports: “Khaled Al-Batash, one of the senior leaders of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group in Gaza, reiterated on Saturday that the organization is determined to retaliate for Israel blowing up a terror […]

Hariri takes a tough line on Hezbollah

Israel National News reports: “Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said on Saturday that he would not accept Iran-backed Hezbollah’s positions that ‘affect our Arab brothers or target the security and stability of their countries’, said […]

Saudi vows new Islamic alliance ‘will wipe terrorists from the earth’

AFP reports: “Saudi Arabia’s crown prince vowed to ‘pursue terrorists until they are wiped from the face of the earth’ as officials from 40 Muslim countries gathered Sunday in the first meeting of an Islamic […]