Month: February 2018

Bible Burning in Southern India Shows Depth of Hostility Toward Christians reports: “Hindu extremists in southern India issued harsh threats to Christians distributing Bibles before snatching their car keys, taking Bibles out of their vehicle and setting the Scripture on fire, sources said. Christians associated […]

US Calls Out Russia for Playing ‘Arsonist and Firefighter’ in Syria

Voice of America News reports: “A top U.S. general is accusing Russia of sowing the seeds of instability in Syria and across the greater Middle East, part of an ongoing attempt to expand its influence […]

Iran launches festival to celebrate Israel’s ‘imminent collapse’

Israel National News reports: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is gearing up for its first ever ‘International Hourglass Festival’, celebrating what organizers call the ‘imminent collapse’ of the Jewish state. The symbol chosen to represent […]

New satellite photos show Iran establishing another base in Syria reports: “Iran has built another permanent military base outside Syria’s capital city complete with hangers used to store missiles capable of hitting all of Israel, according to Western intelligence sources. Exclusive satellite images from […]

North Korea ‘providing materials to Syria chemical weapons factories’

BBC News reports: “North Korea has been sending equipment to Syria that could be used to make chemical weapons, a UN report says. Some 40 previously unreported shipments were made between 2012 and 2017, the […]

‘Kill Them All’: New ISIS Call for Truck Attacks as Stockholm Terrorist Goes on Trial reports: “A pro-ISIS group has been issuing a wave of online posters in English and Arabic encouraging would-be jihadists to conduct simple attacks at home employing a variety of methods. The latest poster from […]

Khamenei adviser: We will thwart ‘U.S. and Israeli plots’

Israel National News reports: “A top adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader recently declared that Iran would maintain its involvement and presence in the region, in order to thwart the plots of Israel and the U.S., […]

Muslim cleric: Embassy move ‘a declaration of war’

Israel National News reports: “Ali al-Qaradaghi, secretary-general of the Association of Muslim Scholars headed by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, is calling for an uprising of peoples and governments against the American administration’s announcement of its intention […]

EU, Arab League: Jerusalem must be a joint capital

Israel National News reports: “European Union (EU) and Arab League countries on Monday called for Jerusalem to be the joint capital of Israel and a future Palestinian state, The Associated Press reported. Speaking after talks […]

Israeli Arabs join ISIS, plan attack on Temple Mount

Israel National News reports: “Shabak (Israel Security Agency) officers working along with Israel Police arrested during January-February 2018 three Israeli Arabs, some of whom are connected to ISIS. The three, all residents of the Jenin-area […]

Indonesian Christians Whipped Over Sharia-banned Child’s Play

Voice of America News reports: “Two Indonesian Christians were publicly flogged in conservative Aceh province Tuesday for playing a children’s entertainment game seen as violating Islamic law, as hundreds of onlookers ridiculed them and took […]

Report: U.S., Allies Prepare High Seas Crackdown on North Korean Sanction Dodgers reports: “U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration and vital Asian allies are reportedly working on coordinating an unprecedented crackdown on ships suspected of evading sanctions on the murderous North Korean regime led by dictator Kim […]