Month: March 2018

‘A Shi’ite arrow is carving up the Middle East’

Israel National News reports: “Major-General Herzi Halevy, the head of IDF military intelligence, accused Iran of attempting to carve up the Middle East. Maj.-Gen. Halevy addressed the Iranian source of the recent escalation in tensions […]

Will the Putin-Xi era supersede the Western liberal (dis)order?

Asia Times Online reports: “The Chinese constitutional amendment allowing Xi Jinping the possibility of further presidential terms — staying in power long enough to bring ‘national rejuvenation’ combined with the Russian election re-confirming Vladimir Putin […]

Palestinian Arabs: Remove the Americans from Ramallah

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Arabs demonstrated in Ramallah on Thursday, demanding the closure of the America House which, is operated by the U.S. consulate in eastern Jerusalem and located in the city of Ramallah. […]

Hostages taken in apparent ISIS attack in France

Israel National News reports: “Hostages were taken in a supermarket in southern France Friday, and a police officer shot in two separate incidents. The shooting incident took place in the town of Carcassonne, a 15-minute […]

Xi Jinping Launches ‘Voice of China’ Network to Show China as ‘Builder of World Peace’ reports: “The Chinese Communist Party announced this week the creation of a universal propaganda arm named ‘Voice of China,’ which the regime hopes will ‘ensure its voice is heard loud and clear around the […]

Hamas trying to unite Muslims against Trump

Israel National News reports: “The London-based Arabic-language Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Thursday that Hamas has recently strengthened its ties with Iran and Hezbollah as part of its joint efforts against the ‘deal of the century’ […]

‘Christianity as default is gone’: the rise of a non-Christian Europe reports: “Europe’s march towards a post-Christian society has been starkly illustrated by research showing a majority of young people in a dozen countries do not follow a religion. The survey of 16- to 29-year-olds […]

‘Europe will be Muslim,’ says Turkish leader reports: “Is Europe as a continent with a majority of Christians gone? One Muslim says so. ‘There is no remedy for it. Europe will be Muslim. We will be effective there, Allah willing. I […]

US: Plans Being Made in Case Iran Nuclear Talks With Europeans Fail

Voice of America News reports: “The U.S. says it had constructive talks with its European partners last week on changes to the Iran nuclear agreement, but it is making contingency plans in case the talks […]

Netanyahu says Israel will prevent enemies from obtaining nuclear weapons reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israel will prevent enemies from obtaining nuclear weapons after its military admitted it carried out a 2007 air raid against a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor. ‘The […]

China activists fear high-tech crackdown in Xi’s ‘new era’ reports: “As Xi Jinping embarks on a potentially lifelong presidency, activists fear that the Chinese leader’s promise of a ‘new era’ sounds the death knell for human rights under an increasingly digital-savvy police state. […]

Khamenei: We’ve neutralized American plans in the Middle East

Israel National News reports: “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday said his country has neutralized U.S. plans in the Middle East. ‘Those who interfere in all the affairs of the world protest and […]