Month: January 2019

Russia’s nuclear-capable underwater drone to be deployed

Asia Times Online reports: “Russia is ready to deploy nuclear-capable Poseidon underwater drones in the Pacific area as part of its oceanic multi-purpose system, Russian state media have reported. Given the poor state of relations […]

Netanyahu: Those who threaten to destroy us will bear full responsibility

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Monday afternoon at the opening of the Ilan and Asaf Ramon Airport, referring to Syria in a statement that anyone who ‘threatens to destroy us […]

U.S. calls on Russia to destroy new missile system

Reuters reports: “The United States called on Russia on Monday to destroy a new cruise missile system which it said constituted a ‘direct violation’ of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, and accused Moscow of […]

Germany urges Russia to destroy missile to save nuclear treaty reports: “German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Friday called on Russia to destroy a controversial missile system Washington says breaches a key arms control treaty. ‘We believe Russia can save this treaty,’ Maas said […]

Jihadists in Mali kill 10 peacekeepers ‘in reaction’ to Netanyahu visit to Chad

The Times of Israel reports: “Jihadist gunmen angered by Chad forging ties with Israel killed 10 Chadian peacekeepers and injured at least 25 others in an attack on a UN camp in northern Mali on […]

Imam Who Converted to Christianity: My Own Family Now Want to Kill Me reports: “A former imam from Pakistan who migrated to Germany and converted to Christianity now claims that he faces death threats in his native country from many including members of his own family. The […]

In Brussels as in Gaza: ‘Oh Allah, burn the Zionists’

Israel National News reports: “The trial of the terrorist who killed four people at the Jewish Museum of Brussels in 2014, Mehdi Nemmouche, has started in Belgium. He fought with the Jihadists in Syria’s war […]

Danon to Security Council: Curb Iran’s missile threat

Israel National News reports: “In response to Iran’s launch of a Simorgh missile Satellite Launch Vehicle this past week, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, on Saturday night called on the Security Council […]

Asia Bibi still living ‘like a prisoner,’ warns ministry reports: “An international Christian ministry is expressing alarm and concern that a Pakistani woman acquitted of blasphemy by her nation’s Supreme Court still is living ‘like a prisoner,’ months after the court ruling. It […]

Study: North Korea Pursuing Biochemical Weapons That Could ‘Wipe Out All of Humanity’ reports: “North Korea’s biochemical weapons capabilities may be even more dangerous than its nuclear missile program with weapons that could ‘wipe out all of humanity,’ the conservative South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported Thursday, […]

Russia to Israel: No more air strikes on Damascus airport

Israel National News reports: “Russia has sent a message to Israel that it would not tolerate further air strikes in the vicinity of the Damascus International Airport, the Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper reported on Friday. According […]

Report: US won’t intervene if Israel attacks in Iraq

Israel National News reports: “The United States has told Iraq that it will not intervene if Israel attacks Iranian targets in the country, Russia Today’s Arabic-language news service reported on Thursday. The network, which cited […]