Month: January 2019

Jordanian King, Egyptian President call for ‘two-state solution’

Israel National News reports: “King Abdullah II of Jordan and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met in Amman on Sunday and called for a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian Arab conflict. According to the official […]

Iran to France: Ballistic missiles are our right

Israel National News reports: “Iran on Friday called on France to avoid repeating ‘irresponsible and incorrect’ claims about the country’s ballistic missile work, Reuters reported, citing Iranian state TV. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Gasemi […]

Israel may intensify air campaign against Iranian army, PM warns

Israel National News reports: “Israeli Premier Binyamin Netanyahu said his country was prepared to escalate its attacks on Iranian military forces deployed in Syria, if necessary, to prevent Iran from entrenching itself in the war-torn […]

Report: ‘Evidence of Ongoing Operations’ at North Korea Nuclear Facility reports: “North Korea’s largest and most important nuclear research facilities remain well-maintained and operational, the monitor site 38 North revealed this week. Citing images taken in December, the site’s analysts say facilities at the […]

ISIS Threat Depicts Exploding Capitol to Coincide with Start of 116th Congress reports: “An ISIS-allied media group continued threats against the U.S. Capitol in a violent image released as new lawmakers were sworn into office. In the image, a white jihadist wearing military gear and a […]

U.S. to convene global summit on Iran next month, Pompeo says

The Times of Israel reports: “The United States is organizing an international summit in Poland next month, focusing on Iran’s Middle Eastern influence, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday. Pompeo made the announcement […]

Chinese general issues ‘war criminal’ warning to Taiwan reports: “Taiwan independence supporters would be regarded as ‘war criminals’ if China was forced to intervene militarily to retake the island, a Chinese general warned Wednesday. ‘Supporters of Taiwanese separatism must stop in time […]

China: the not-so invisible hand in U.S.-North Korea talks reports: “By hosting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for a fourth time, China has signalled again that it will not be sidelined in the diplomatic dance between its Cold War-era ally and Washington. […]

Iran’s Zarif: Wherever US interferes, chaos follows

Israel National News reports: “Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday blasted the United States after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in his speech in Cairo that ‘when America retreats, chaos often follows.’ […]

DC Comics Set to Release Superhero Comic Book Starring a Bungling Jesus Christ reports: “DC Comics drew critical praise for its series of short-run books that re-imagine classic characters and coming up soon, the company is set to release a new book featuring an out-of-touch, bungling Jesus […]

Russia blames U.S. for Iranian presence near Israeli border

Israel National News reports: “Russian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov blamed US sanctions for the failure to secure a deal to move Iran’s military assets in Syria to a line 100 kilometers (63 […]

U.S. moves to speed military space upgrades under pressure from China, Russia reports: “The United States will accelerate its space program to compete with China’s, a senior Defense Department official said. Vice President Mike Pence last year announced the U.S. military would create a sixth branch, […]