Month: June 2019

19% of Americans say small businesses should be able to refuse service to Jews

The Times of Israel reports: “Nineteen percent of Americans think small businesses should be allowed to refuse service to Jews if serving them would violate their owners religious beliefs, a new poll shows. That is […]

Iran: Future US border violations will elicit ‘stronger response’

The Times of Israel reports: “A senior Iranian lawmaker on Thursday warned the United States that any further alleged violations of its borders would illicit a harsh response from the Islamic Republic. ‘The downing of […]

Abbas: Eastern Jerusalem is the capital of ‘Palestine’

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas said on Thursday, in the wake of the economic conference in Bahrain aimed at promoting economic peace, that national rights are not real estate assets […]

‘Hamas is beating us with balloons’

Israel National News reports: “Brigadier General (Res.) Zvika Fogel attacked the agreement between Netanyahu and Hamas, which was signed on Thursday night, in which Hamas agreed to stop launching incendiary balloons and curb the protests […]

Israel confirms deal with Hamas: ‘The violence will stop’

Israel National News reports: “Israel confirmed Friday morning that it had reached an agreement for a truce with the Hamas terror organization, hours after Arab media outlets reported on the deal. A senior Israeli official […]

Zarif: U.S. is not in a position to obliterate Iran

Israel National News reports: “Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday responded to US President Donald Trump’s threats against his country. In an interview with CNN, Zarif said that the United States ‘is not […]

Former Hamas leader: Israel is not part of the solution

Israel National News reports: “Former Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal warned the Arab countries participating in the Bahrain conference that Israel ‘will remain an enemy.’ According to Kan, Mashaal said: ‘Anyone who has internal conflicts or […]

Top Iran military adviser threatens to ‘erase’ Israel if war breaks out

The Times of Israel reports: “A top Iranian defense official said the Americans are fully aware that their assets in the Middle East can be destroyed by Iran’s missiles and know that should war break […]

U.S. Official: U.S., China Plan to Meet on Civil Space in Autumn

Voice of America News reports: “U.S. and Chinese officials will meet in the United States this fall for bilateral talks about civil space, a senior U.S. official said on Wednesday, amid growing concerns about China’s […]

Hezbollah sees U.S. war on Iran as unlikely reports: “The Iran-backed Lebanese Shi’ite group Hezbollah believes a U.S. war on Iran is unlikely and U.S. President Donald Trump would not be able to control the results of a conflict that could engulf […]

Israel will do ‘everything’ to stop Iran going nuclear: Netanyahu reports: “Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday his country will do ‘everything’ to prevent arch-rival Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, during a visit by a senior Russian security official. ‘Israel will not allow […]

China calls for ‘calm’ as US-Iran tensions rise reports: “China on Tuesday urged ‘calm and restraint’ as tensions between the US and Iran escalate following US President Donald Trump’s new sanctions on Iran. ‘We believe that blindly applying maximum pressure will not […]