50-year-old man who ‘identifies’ as 13-year-old girl allowed to shower with teens

WND.com reports: “A report on social media is blowing up for the facts it contains: a 50-year-old man is on a swim team with young girls, and he showers with them.

The post explains the individual is Nicholas Cepeda and last weekend, the Orillia Recreation Centre in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, ‘was the venue for a swimming tournament hosted by the local swim club, the Orillia Channel Cats.’

It went on: ‘According to a source, the Orangeville Otters were originally slated to compete at this tournament. That’s the club that includes amongst its membership that 50-year-old man who ‘identifies’ as a 13-year-old girl, the notorious Nicholas Cepeda. And get this: identifying as a teenager allows Cepeda to not only swim with real teenage girls, but to also change and shower with them as well.’

The resolution, in that situation, was for officials to ask the team that includes the man to stay home…”

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