Abbas demands UN ban Israel

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas demanded that the United Nations take the unprecedented step of suspending Israel’s membership in the organization if it does not give in to his demands to create a Palestinian Arab state and to accept millions of descendants of refugees from the 1948 War of Independence.

Addressing the ‘Nakba Day’ event held at the UN today, Abbas claimed that Israel’s acceptance as a UN member was contingent on its fulfillment of the 1947 UN Partition Plan and General Assembly Resolution 194, which called for refugees who were willing to live in peace to be allowed to return to their former homes following the war. ‘Forcing Israel to implement these two resolutions was a condition, a prerequisite for their membership in the UN at the time. However, sadly, certain countries — we all know we are talking about, we will mention them later — in this organization have deliberately obstructed the implementation of these resolutions in a practice that undermines justice, ethics and human values.’

‘We demand today, officially, in accordance with international law and international resolutions, to make sure that Israel respects these resolutions, or suspend Israel’s membership in the UN, particularly since Israel never fulfilled its obligations and the prerequisites for its membership in this organization that they committed to implementing,’ he said…”

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