Abbas: Trump’s Mideast peace plan will be foiled

Israel National News reports: “Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas has predicted that the ‘Deal of the Century’ Middle East peace plan drawn up by the Trump administration will not be implemented, due in large part to the PA’s own staunch opposition to the proposal.

Abbas made the prediction during the inauguration of the new PA government over the weekend, as he discussed what he viewed to be the most significant strategic challenges facing the Palestinian Authority.

While the Trump administration’s peace plan has yet to be released, with administration officials keeping a tight lid on the plan and its details, recent reports claim the framework does not include the establishment of a Palestinian state.

During the inauguration ceremony in Ramallah, Abbas said the PA would maintain its adamant opposition to the plan, and predicted the peace plan would fail to be implemented.

‘Nothing will coming from it, it won’t amount to anything,’ said Abbas…”

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