Advanced weapons able to ‘destroy US satellites’ warns Space Chief

SpaceWar.com reports: “Previously, the annual threat assessment report of the US Intelligence community released on 13 April cited a diverse array of threats, magnified by rapidly evolving technology, and warned of the broad national security challenges posed by China and Russia.

A United States Space Force general has warned that space has become a ‘warfighting domain’, just like air, land, and sea, with the newly-created branch of the military facing new challenges and evolving threats.

General John William ‘Jay’ Raymond, who is the Chief of Space Operations for the US Space Force, appeared on Washington Post’s ‘The Path Forward’ to claim that China, which was earlier designated a ‘pacing threat’, and Russia have developed ‘weapons that can either disrupt our satellites or destroy our satellites, from on the ground or in space, or in cyber’.

‘It is something that has really materialised here over the last handful of years,’ said the general…”

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