After the caliphate: What next for ISIS?

BBC News reports: “A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters is closing in on the last pocket of territory in eastern Syria controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

Four years ago, IS militants overran large swathes of Syria and neighbouring Iraq, proclaimed the creation of a ‘caliphate’, and imposed their brutal rule on almost eight million people. Now, they control only about 1% of the territory they once had.

However, the US military has warned that while the jihadists are ‘in the final throes of their evil ambitions’ they are ‘not yet defeated’.

Between 1,500 and 2,000 militants are estimated to be holed up inside the area around the Syrian town of Hajin, in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, where the US says it has witnessed some of the most intense fighting in more than a year…”

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