Americans’ Belief in God, Heaven and Angels Hits Historic Lows: Gallup

ChristianHeadlines.com reports: “The percentage of Americans who believe in God, heaven and angels hit a record low in a new Gallup survey that also found belief in hell and the devil reaching a record low, too.

The new survey, released Thursday, found that 74 percent of Americans say they believe in God, a decline from 79 percent in 2016 and 90 percent in 2004 who answered that way. Similarly, 69 percent of Americans say they believe in angels and 67 percent in heaven – both significant declines from earlier polls. (In 2007, 75 percent believed in angels and 81 percent in heaven.)

‘Gallup has documented sharp declines in church attendance, confidence in organized religion and religious identification in recent years,’ Gallup’s Megan Brenan wrote. ‘Americans’ beliefs regarding God, angels, heaven, hell and the devil have also fallen by double digits since 2001. Still, U.S. adults’ belief in each entity remains at the majority level, and regular churchgoers, Protestants and Republicans, in particular, remain largely resolute in their beliefs.’

The 2023 survey is different from Gallup’s other survey that gave Americans only two options for belief in God (‘yes’ or ‘no.’) In the latest survey, Americans were offered a third option, ‘not sure.’ A total of 74 percent say they believe in God, while 14 percent say they aren’t sure, and 12 percent say they don’t believe in God. In Gallup’s 2022 survey that gave Americans only two options, 81 percent said they believed in God, although that also was a record low for that specific wording…”

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