Anti-Israel groups call for ‘worldwide escalation’ with ‘intifada in every capital’

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Several anti-Israel groups called for worldwide escalation and disruptions in cities and universities in response to the ongoing military operations against Hamas in Rafah on Monday.

‘Escalate protests to an open intifada in every capital and city in order to deprive the world from its heavy slumber that comes at the expense of the bodies and remains of those that survive; disrupt all facets of daily life until our people can breathe freely without the taint of the Israeli, American, and European war machine,’ said a call for a ‘worldwide escalation’ issued by the small Gaza Group, but was shared by the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee, Princeton SJP, Penn Students Against the Occupation, Writers Against the War on Gaza

The anti-Israel groups not only called for the paralysis of normal life outside of the Levant, but also across ‘historic Palestine, from every checkpoint and street corner to the face of every settler and soldier.’

The call for escalation came in response to an Israeli airstrike on two Hamas senior commanders on Sunday which caused the accidental death of dozens of Palestinian civilians…”

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