Artillery sinks Russian warship in Dnipro River, says Ukraine

The Jerusalem Post reports: “A Russian warship was allegedly sunk by Ukrainian artillery in the Dnipro River on Tuesday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed.

The class of the vessel was still being determined, said the General Staff on Facebook. An infrared photo accompanying the announcement shows what appears to be a patrol boat on fire.

‘Ukrainian artillery has successfully shot a Russian war boat on the Dnipro River,’ the Ukrainian Defense Ministry tweeted on Tuesday.

The ship was reportedly in the delta of the strategic river, which bisects Ukraine as well as its capital Kyiv. In November, Russian forces retreated to the east bank of the river. The Ukrainian port city Kherson, which was recaptured in November after it had been occupied by Russia since early March, sits at the mouth of the Dnipro, were the river flows past several islands into the Black Sea via the Dniprovska Gulf…”

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