As tensions rise, US deploys F22s to Eastern Europe

Israel National News reports: “With the war in the Ukraine at a critical stage, tensions in the countries under the influence of the former Soviet Union could not be getting much higher. With the Ukrainian Armed Forces putting pressure on Putin’s Generals, the tension can be felt across NATO’s eastern flank.

NATO has been bolstering all of its Allied Nation’s local units. Recent deployment around the Europe show Italians, Canadians, Spanish and US forces all rotating around various countries that share a border with Russia and Ukraine.

These deployments have showcased some of the US Military’s most advanced and capable units. If several years ago it was very rare to see what is known as 5th generation aircraft deployed to any bases in Europe, the past year has seen F35s in Romania and Poland and F22s across Poland and Norway…

Deploying F22s to Poland is a significant show of force on the US’s part. These aircraft are considered by most experts to be the World’s best fighter jets, placing them in Poland is meant to showcase the US and NATO’s commitment to defending Allied nations from the possibility of a Russian invasion…”

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