‘Assisted suicide’ program now taking those who are in financial straits

WND.com reports: “Police have begun an investigation into the ‘assisted suicide’ of a 61-year-old Canadian woman after her daughters charged that she was not capable of providing her consent due to her mental health.

The Christian Institute in the United Kingdom said the woman, Donna Duncan, had sustained a concussion in a car accident in February 2020, and her physical and mental health declined.

‘Her doctor had refused her assisted suicide application, saying her ‘mental health really needs to be treated,’ but it was subsequently granted by other practitioners,’ the report explained.

Her daughter, Alicia Duncan, said, ‘I don’t want this to ever happen to another family ever again. And ultimately I want stronger laws and legislation.’

The case is just one of many that together are raising questions about the protections that should be built into such programs…”

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