At drill for war with Iran and others, PM says IDF ‘can handle any threat on our own’

The Times of Israel reports: “Israel’s high-level security cabinet convened Sunday night at the military’s main operational command bunker in Tel Aviv to simulate decision-making by the political echelon during a potential multi-front war.

On May 29, the Israel Defense Forces launched the large-scale two-week drill across the country — dubbed Firm Hand — involving troops from the standing and reserve army, from nearly all units.

The drill has included the Air Force conducting simulated ‘strategic’ strikes deep in enemy territory in an all-out war scenario, and the Navy carrying out mock offensive and defensive actions, according to a military source.

On Sunday, members of the security cabinet met at the IDF’s headquarters in Tel Aviv to participate in a mock assessment and the drill.

In remarks at the beginning of the meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: ‘We are confident we can handle any threat on our own,’ in an apparent reference to the United States’ efforts to reach a diplomatic solution with Iran with regard to its nuclear program…”

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