Australia unveils biggest defence reform in decades

SpaceWar.com reports: “Australia launched its biggest defence shakeup in decades Monday, vowing to turn a military that is ‘no longer fit for purpose’ into a fighting force that could deter China or any would-be foe.

Defence Minister Richard Marles unveiled a strategic review that called for a sharp shift toward long-range deterrence — using missiles, submarines and cyber tools to keep adversaries at arm’s length.

‘Today, for the first time in 35 years, we are recasting the mission of the Australian Defence Force,’ Marles said.

Describing China’s military build-up as the largest and most ambitious of any country since World War II, the review warns ‘the risks of military escalation or miscalculation are rising’.

Australian planners have viewed China’s military rise warily, fearing Beijing’s now-vast capabilities could effectively cut Australia off from trading partners and global supply chains.

In response to that threat, Australia’s military will develop the ability to strike from air, land and sea, strengthen northern bases and recruit more troops…”

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