Beijing denies operating secret police stations in UK

SpaceWar.com reports: “China vehemently denied on Wednesday the existence of secret police stations in the United Kingdom, following an order by London to close them down.

UK Security Minister Tom Tugendhat said Tuesday the government had told the Chinese embassy to shut the stations after the human rights group Safeguard Defenders published a report on their existence in the United Kingdom.

According to the report, the stations were set up to provide administrative services but were also used ‘to monitor and harass diaspora communities and, in some cases, to coerce people to return to China outside of legitimate channels’, Tugendhat told parliament in a statement.

But Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin told reporters at a regular news briefing on Wednesday: ‘There are simply no so-called secret police stations.’

‘China urges the UK to respect the facts, stop hyped-up exaggeration and smearing China, and stop creating obstacles to China-UK relations,’ he said…”

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