Bennett: Prior to ground incursion, open the gates of hell on the enemy

Israel National News reports: “Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has called on Israel’s policymakers and military chiefs to utilize the military’s aerial power to the fullest before sending soldiers into Gaza in a ground incursion, to reduce the danger facing Israel’s soldiers.

‘Before we send foot soldiers into Gaza on the ground, I want to see a force of fire that paves the way for them – a sort of pillar of fire,’ Bennett told Channel 12 News, referring to the Biblical Pillar of Fire which led the way for the People of Israel during their wanders in the desert…

Regardless, he stressed, ‘I know that so long as it depends on me, I send soldiers to face the enemy only after I opened the gates of hell on the enemy from above, with artillery. We have an enormous amount of firing power, and we need to use it to our advantage.’…”

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