Biden angers China with vow to defend Taiwan

SinoDaily.com reports: “President Joe Biden vowed Monday that US forces would defend Taiwan militarily if China attempted to take control of the island by force, prompting Beijing to warn that America was ‘playing with fire.’

Speaking in Tokyo, Biden compared China’s threat to self-ruled Taiwan to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, delivering his strongest remarks to date on the issue amid rising tensions over Beijing’s growing economic and military power.

Asked if Washington was willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan, he gave the unequivocal reply: ‘Yes… That’s the commitment we made.’

‘We agreed with the One China policy, we signed on to it,’ Biden said — referring to Washington’s diplomatic recognition of Beijing as the sole government of China.

‘But the idea that it can be taken by force is just not appropriate,’ he said of Taiwan. ‘It would dislocate the entire region and would be another action similar to Ukraine.’

Beijing, which considers Taiwan a rebellious province and has recently intensified military pressure on the island, warned that Washington is playing a risky game…”

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