British Politicians Are Now Legitimate Military Targets, Threatens Kremlin

Breitbart.com reports: “State-sponsored terrorism threat as a well-known Kremlin figure says British leaders are now considered legitimate military targets over the UK’s involved support for Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

Military and civilian officials of the United Kingdom engaged in aiding Ukraine are to be considered a ‘legitimate military target’, so says close Putin ally Dmitry Medvedev in his latest tirade against the West, and anyone opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Medvedev, a former president and prime minister of Russia and ally to Vladimir Putin who now sits on the nation’s national security council is well known for his intemperate outburst, threatening to make nuclear strikes against Russia’s enemies. Several of these threats have been against the United Kingdom, which Medvedev says is one of Ukraine’s most active allies and an ‘eternal enemy’ of Russia.

Medvedev said today, caliming to cite the ‘Hague and Geneva Conventions’ that the United Kingdom was technically a party at war with Russia and ‘goofy’ British politicians could expect to be attacked…”

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