The brutalization of the Yazidi is the crime of our age, and shows ISIL for what it truly is

The National Post reports: “Of all the oppressed and terrorized minorities fated to live through this grim era, the Yazidis of northern Iraq are clearly among the most wretched.

Through no fault of their own they are enemies of the most venomous faction on the planet, the Islamic State, or ISIL. A newsletter from ISIL described Yazidis as a pagan minority and claimed that their continued existence ‘is a matter that Muslims should question as they will be asked about it on Judgment Day.’

In other words, the Islamic State must obliterate the Yazidis out of religious duty or face divine punishment. Their existence as heretics after nine or 10 centuries is, by a perverse form of theology, an offence to a jealous god who demands total belief, the version of god that ISIL worships. Several countries are trying to help the Yazidis; Canada will accept 1,200 of them as refugees this year. But it will be generations before time can heal their wounds.

The most terrible event in their recent history took place in August, 2014, when ISIL militants attacked Sinjar, the northern Iraq home of tens of thousands of Yazidis. About 5,000 were killed and 7,000 taken away. Males were shot. Women and girls were turned over to markets where they were sold into sexual slavery. A UN report speculates that about 3,200 women and children are still held by ISIL or the slave owners who were the customers of ISIL…”

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