California Christian Baker Who Refused to Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake Wins Legal Victory

ChristianHeadlines.com reports: “A California court ruled in favor of a local Christian baker after she was accused of discrimination for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

According to The Bakersfield Californian, Kern County Judge Eric Bradshaw stated that Catharine ‘Cathy’ Miller, who owns Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, was only acting in accordance with ‘her sincere Christian beliefs about what the Bible teaches regarding marriage.’

‘That motivation was not unreasonable or arbitrary, nor did it emphasize irrelevant differences or perpetuate stereotypes,’ the judge continued.

Per The Christian Post, Bradshaw also concluded that the state’s Department of Fair Housing and Employment could not prove that Miller violated California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act by intentionally discriminating against lesbian couple Eileen and Mireya Rodriguez-Del Rio in 2017.

‘It’s been a long five years,’ Miller said on Friday. ‘I’m hoping that in our community we can grow together … and we should understand that we shouldn’t push any agenda against anyone else.’

‘We appreciate your prayers and support as we joyfully continue to do business with you in the future,’ Tastries Bakery wrote on Facebook…”

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