California school to host ‘Nakba 75’ event on Jerusalem Day

The Jerusalem Post reports: “An event headlined ‘Nakba 75’ is scheduled to take place in the auditorium of the Public Santa Ana High School in Orange County, California on Thursday evening, May 18th. The stated goal of the event is to mark the 75th anniversary of the ‘Nakba’ (Arabic for ‘catastrophe’), the term commonly used by Palestinians and anti-Israel groups to refer to the founding of Israel.  The event is sponsored by American organizations that support terrorist attacks against Israelis and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Notably, the event’s invitation refers to Israel as a ‘settler-colonial state.’ The auditorium in which the event is taking place in the Santa Ana High School is available to rent for $151 an hour and can be rented through a platform called Facilitron.

Santa Ana High School hasn’t responded to The Jerusalem Post’s request for comment on whether the school supports this narrative and whether the school would host pro-Israel events as well…”

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