Chances of reviving Iran nuclear deal slim, Israeli officials say

YnetNews.com reports: “Chances of world powers and Iran rejoining a 2015 agreement to curb Tehran’s nuclear program are very slim, Israeli officials told Ynet on Tuesday.

The European Union on Monday tabled what it called its ‘final’ text to restore the tattered 2015 nuclear pact after four days of rigorous indirect negotiations between U.S. and Iranian officials wrapped up in Vienna.

The sources said they were unfazed by the Europeans’ optimism.

‘There was momentary air of optimism, but it became clear very quickly this was artificial optimism whose aim was to pressure the Iranians into making a decision in hopes that they’ll accept the text as it as-is,’ they said.

‘There’s essentially no change, this is a platform whose goal is to facilitate a return to a deal, but there is no change of strategy on the Iranians’ part. They are not interested in accepting this deal and will struggle to return to an agreement that doesn’t improve the original conditions.’…”

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