Chemical attacks on Iranian schoolgirls resume

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Reports of chemical attacks on Iranian school girls are once again on the rise after a hiatus, leaving hundreds of young girls unable to breathe and hospitalized. 

The unknown substance continues to impact girls while in class, according to The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) who is tracking and mapping the attacks, which the group says are deliberate. 

Hundreds of schoolgirls have been hospitalized as a result of these ‘targeted chemical attacks,’ United Nations officials said in a statement last month.

‘We are deeply concerned about the physical and mental well-being of these schoolgirls, their parents and the ability of the girls to enjoy their fundamental right to education,’ the UN statement said.

At the same time, students at several Iranian universities have organized sit-in protests against the country’s violent behavior in enforcing mandatory hijab and covering of female students…”

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