Chief of Staff: ‘We are at war and we will prevail!’

Israel National News reports: “Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi wrote to IDF soldiers regarding the war in Gaza Tuesday morning. The letter reads:

IDF Chief of Staff to Soldiers and Commanders

Dear IDF Soldiers and Commanders, The State of Israel is at war and will prevail!

On Saturday morning, October 7 2023, Hamas terror organization commenced a murderous surprise attack against the State of Israel. They seek to destabilize Israel’s sovereignty by carrying out cruel and criminal actions. During this fateful hour, we are keeping our oath to protect our homeland and Israel’s freedom and are fighting back. This is the eleventh consecutive day that the IDF is striking the enemy from the air, ground and sea. We destroyed enemy infrastructure, leadership and capabilities and caused significant damage. We will pursue and catch them everywhere and will strike them with force. We are determined and unified in our mission to protect our home and are prepared for any situation at every front. Our uncompromising responsibility is to overwhelm the enemy and restore security everywhere.

IDF Soldiers,

We took a hard hit and we are responsible, but now the initiative is in our hands. Every single one of you has a role in the challenges we face ahead. The war will be difficult and long and the IDF will prevail…”

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