China and US See Need to Stabilize Relations

Voice of America News reports: “China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang said on Monday it is imperative to stabilize Sino-U.S. relations after a series of ‘erroneous words and deeds’ threw ties back into a deep freeze.

Qin, in a meeting in Beijing with U.S. ambassador Nicholas Burns, stressed in particular that the United States must correct its handling of the Taiwan issue and stop the hollowing out of the ‘one China’ principle.

The relationship between the world’s two biggest economies sank to a low last year when then speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi paid an official visit to democratically governed Taiwan, angering China, which claims the island as its territory.

In response, Beijing severed formal communications channels with the United States including one between their militaries.

‘The top priority is to stabilize Sino-U.S. relations, avoid a downward spiral and prevent any accidents between China and the United States,’ Qin told Burns, the Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement…”

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