China blames ‘negative impact’ of US military drills for N. Korea tensions

SpaceWar.com reports: “China on Thursday blamed the ‘negative impact’ of US military drills for tensions on the Korean peninsula, after Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile that prompted Japan to briefly issue a seek shelter warning.

South Korea’s military said it had detected one ‘medium range or longer’ ballistic missile from the Pyongyang area on Thursday morning, adding it was likely a ‘new type’ that may have used advanced solid fuel.

Japan briefly issued the seek shelter warning to residents of the northern Hokkaido region, but later said the missile had not fallen within the country’s territory and posed no threat.

In response to a question about the missile launch at a regular press briefing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wang Wenbin said: ‘The current round of tension on the peninsula has its causes. The negative impact of the US military drills and deployment of strategic weapons around the peninsula is obvious to all.’

Washington and Seoul have intensified defence cooperation recently, staging joint military exercises with advanced stealth jets and high-profile US strategic assets…”

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