China Claims America Is ‘Real Threat to the World’ Amid Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Breitbart.com reports: “Despite much being made of China’s apparent lack of support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the communist state’s true colours have been shown by one of its chief diplomats declaring that the world should remember that the ‘real threat’ is the United States of America.

Questions are currently swirling in the Western press as to the current state of Moscow’s relationship with Beijing (Peking).

Observers were surprised over the weekend, for example, that China refused to vote against a resolution condemning Russia’s ‘aggression’ against Ukraine, opting instead to abstain from the vote. Yet the move was merely symbolic, as the vote was doomed regardless due to Russia having a permanent seat of the council and therefore has the ability to veto any such motion.

The Ukraine invasion has put the Chinese Communist Party in a tough position, however, as it would be difficult for Beijing to back Russia’s support of the ‘separatist’ movements in the Donbas region without undermining their regime’s longstanding policy of violently cracking down on so-called ‘separatist’ movements in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Tibet…”

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