China Holds Naval Drills With Pakistan in Arabian Sea

Voice of America News reports: “Pakistan is hosting a weeklong naval exercise with China in the Arabian Sea that officials said Monday would further enhance their ‘joint operational capabilities in dealing with maritime security threats and safeguarding peace.’

The two neighboring countries began the drills Saturday at a naval base in Karachi in the waters and airspace of the northern Arabian Sea and will conclude them on November 17.

China’s defense ministry said Monday the two navies would also conduct joint anti-submarine warfare, noting that ‘China and Pakistan will conduct their first joint maritime patrol.’

The ministry said several warships and submarines, including the guided-missile destroyer Zibo, guided-missile frigates Jingzhou and Linyi, and a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Marine Corps unit, are participating in the Sea Guardian-3 exercise.

The Pakistan Navy said after the opening ceremony that participants would jointly conduct ‘advanced level drills and naval maneuvers’ during the exercise…”

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