China, India call for negotiated way out of Ukraine war

SpaceWar.com reports: “China and India on Saturday called at the United Nations for a negotiated end to the Ukraine war, stopping short of robust support for traditional ally Russia.

After a week of pressure at the United Nations General Assembly, Russia’s foreign minister took the General Assembly rostrum to deliver a fiery rebuke to Western nations for what he termed a ‘grotesque’ campaign against Russians.

But no major nation has rallied behind Russia, including China, which just days before the February invasion of Ukraine had vowed an ‘unbreakable’ bond with President Vladimir Putin.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on both Russia and Ukraine to ‘keep the crisis from spilling over’ and from affecting developing countries.

‘China supports all efforts conducive to the peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis. The pressing priority is to facilitate talks for peace,’ Wang said…”

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