China Issues Veiled Warning to US Over Taiwan

Voice of America News reports: “Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a veiled warning to the United States in his new year message to the country, stressing that China will be engaged in ‘serious struggles’ against separatism and interference in its relations with Taiwan, state media, CCTV and the Xinhua news agency reported Friday.

In a Lunar New Year reception in the Great Hall of the People attended by top party leaders in the Politburo, Xi said in a speech to the Chinese people that his party and the military have in the past year risen to the challenge of ‘high winds and choppy waters in the international situation,’ a reference he also made in his speech at the 20th Party Congress in a warning about what he saw as a hostile international environment.

In a subtle message that referred to the United States and its relations with Taiwan, Xi vowed to ‘resolutely carry out major struggles against separatism and interference’ and ‘firmly grasp the initiative in cross-strait relations,’ state television, CCTV and Xinhua reported.

He also pledged to ‘make more friends’ in the international arena and to actively engage in ‘major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics’ to ensure stability in a ‘turbulent international environment.’

In recent years, the leadership has increasingly emphasized the importance of asserting a China-centered diplomatic and historical narrative and a determination to shift away from a Western-dominated world order…”

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