China: Kremlin Drone Attack Crossed a ‘Red Line’ in Ukraine War

Breitbart.com reports: “The Chinese Global Times government newspaper described the alleged drone attack on the Kremlin early Wednesday morning as the crossing of a ‘red line’ in the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine: the targeting of heads of state.

Videos surfaced on Wednesday of unidentified objects in the airspace above the Kremlin in Moscow on Wednesday, apparently attempting to target the Russian capital. Russian officials announced shortly thereafter that the skyward objects civilians observed were armed drones deployed in an attempt, they claimed, to assassinate Vladimir Putin. The Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry vowed ‘imminent and inevitable punishment’ for the culprits once an investigation identifies them and, without directly blaming Ukraine, claimed the drone incident was proof of the necessity of Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country.

‘This makes fulfilling all the objectives and goals of Russia’s special military operation even more obvious. There must be no security threats emanating from the territory of Ukraine and no terrorist attacks must be perpetrated from there,’ the Ministry asserted…”

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