China not in ‘space race’, industry insiders say

SpaceDaily.com reports: “All of China’s activities in outer space are intended for the country’s social, economic and technological development rather than for a ‘space race’ with other nations, according to insiders in China’s space industry.

‘We carry out spaceflights to develop high technology and improve economic growth and people’s living standard. We don’t take part in a space race with any other countries because competition in this regard is meaningless,’ said Yang Yuguang, a senior space industry observer in Beijing and vice-chair of the International Astronautical Federation’s space transportation committee.

‘If some people are so fond of a space race, then it is their own space race, and we will not get involved,’ he said on Tuesday in Beijing. ‘In terms of moon landing, it is our business to decide when we will send our astronauts there, and it is no one else’s business. And when others will land their people on the moon is none of China’s business.’

Yang made the remarks to rebut NASA Administrator Bill Nelson’s recent claim that there already is a space race between the United States and China and that China is likely to dominate the field of lunar exploration and try to keep others out…”

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