China rejects ‘concern’ by NASA chief about Beijing militarizing the moon

SpaceWar.com reports: “The Chinese government hit back on Tuesday at the head of the American space program over remarks he made in an interview that suggested Beijing is seeking to militarize the moon.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson criticized China in the interview with German newspaper Bild and said there should be concern about Chinese efforts to explore the moon.

‘We must be very concerned that China is landing on the moon and saying: ‘It’s ours now and you stay out.’‘ Nelson said according to Newsweek.

Nelson also accused China of learning how to destroy the satellites of other countries in space.

Beijing has significantly ramped up its space program over the last decade and has put a special focus on exploring the moon. It sent its first lunar lander in 2013 and hopes to send astronauts to the moon by 2030 and build a lunar base a few years later. In late 2020, China became the second country to unfurl its flag on the surface of the moon…”

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