China seeks to expand cooperation with Russian navy

SpaceWar.com reports: “China’s defence minister said on Monday he hoped to expand naval cooperation with Russia, in the highest-level public talks between military officials from the two countries since a failed mutiny in Russia last month.

Li Shangfu spoke in Beijing with Nikolai Yevmenov, head of the Russian navy, and said he hoped both countries could ‘strengthen communication at all levels’, according to a readout from the Chinese defence ministry.

He also said the two should ‘regularly organize joint exercises, joint cruises and joint military skills competition’, as well as ‘expand practical cooperation in professional fields’.

Moscow and Beijing should ‘make positive contributions to maintaining regional and world peace and stability’, he said.

Yevmenov said the two countries should ‘continue to expand exchanges at all levels of the two countries’ navies’ and ‘continuously push the relationship between the two militaries to new heights’, Beijing’s readout said…”

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