China sends warships and aircraft around Taiwan for second day

SinoDaily.com reports: “China sent warships and aircraft near Taiwan for a second day on Friday and insisted the island remains ‘an inseparable part of China’, after President Tsai Ing-wen angered Beijing by meeting with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Three Chinese warships sailed in waters surrounding the self-ruled island, while a fighter jet and an anti-submarine helicopter also crossed the island’s air defence identification zone (ADIZ), Taiwan’s defence ministry said.

Hours before Tsai met McCarthy in Los Angeles on her way back from Latin America, China’s Shandong aircraft carrier sailed through Taiwan’s southeastern waters on its way to the western Pacific.

Tsai told reporters her government was committed to ensuring ‘the free and democratic way of life of the people of Taiwan’, before she left Los Angeles where she was stopping on her way back from Latin America.

‘We also hope to do our best to maintain peace and stability between the two sides,’ she added…”

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