China, US Differ on Response to Widening Middle East Violence

Voice of America News reports: “China will continue to support ‘all efforts conducive to promoting dialogue’ for the two-state solution amid the escalating conflict in the Middle East, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

In the regular foreign ministry press briefing on Oct. 23, spokesperson Mao Ning, said, ‘As we speak, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is escalating, the situation in Gaza is very grave and armed conflict is spreading with a growing spillover effect.’

‘All parties should abide by the international law and international humanitarian law, protect civilians and do everything possible to avert an even worse humanitarian disaster,’ she said.

She added that humanitarian needs must be met.

‘China will continue to support all efforts conducive to promoting dialogue and restoring peace and do its part … for a comprehensive, just and lasting settlement of the Palestinian question.’

Her remarks highlighted the difference between Washington and Beijing on the Israel-Hamas war, which analysts worry will further fuel tensions between the two superpowers.

President Joe Biden told Americans on Oct. 19 in a televised live speech that the U.S. must increase its support for Ukraine and Israel…”

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